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Accepting Adult DBT Clients 
(updated Feb 2024)

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Phone: (512) 981-7249

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Therapy can be a powerful tool for finding healing and growth. I strive to provide a safe, supportive, and non-judgmental environment to help clients reach their therapeutic goals. I believe that finding the right therapist is all about finding the right fit. You need someone you can trust to understand you and who can provide the specific type of support you need. If you are struggling to find a therapist who is a good fit, or even one who has openings, you are not alone. Tips and tricks for finding a therapist can be found in the video below.

Clients I serve

Adults and Teens 

  • with intense mood swings

  • who get caught in cycles of worry and blame

  • who want to to build a life based on their values

  • who want to learn skills for managing anxiety, shame, anger

  • who want to quit self-harming

  • who think about suicide

  • who want to be more present and less impulsive

  • who may have diagnoses such as ADHD, Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety, Borderline Personality Disorder

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Being a highly sensitive adult in the world today can be confusing. If you are highly sensitive or have BPD, some moments you may feel fine. Other times, you may feel like you are running chained to a broken treadmill. You do the best you can to keep running, but find yourself tripping and going nowhere. There is hope for learning new ways to manage your response to life's challenges. With a heavy dose of compassion, I will support you in finding ways to grow in your capacity to manage difficult emotions, tolerate inevitable pain, and improve the quality of your relationships to build a life you love.

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What happens at the first session?

The first session is all about getting to know one another and seeing if we are a good fit. I will ask a lot of questions and give you information about the services I provide. If we agree it might be a good fit, we can continue on the journey together.

Changing your life does not happen all at once, but it does happen one step at a time. For many of us, the first step is seeking support. My hope is for you to leave your first session feeling confident in the direction we are headed together, or for you to feel comfortable enough to say that you need a referral to someone who would be a better fit.


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